Tuition Information

2022-2023 Tuition Rates 

Rutgers Affiliate Rates 

Must be an active Rutgers faculty, staff, or student. Valid RUID required. 

Intermediates/1-year-olds:  $1350/month 

Toddlers/2-year-olds:  $1350/month 

Preschool/3-year-olds:  $1150/month 

PreK/4-year-olds:  $1050/month 


Community Rates 

Intermediates/1-year-olds:  $1450/month 

Toddlers/2-year-olds:  $1450/month 

Preschool/3-year-olds:  $1250/month 

PreK/4-year-olds:  $1150/month 


Sibling Discountsare available for families with more than one child enrolled simultaneously. Discounts are $25/child applied monthly.  


Tuition includes

Full Day of Care 

Diapers/Wipes/Training Pants (Nursery Program) 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Snack 

Nap Linens and Weekly Nap Linen Laundering 

Summer Afternoon Sunscreen 

Parent Subscriptions to Tadpoles Parent Engagement App and Creative Curriculum Parent App 

Direct, real-time parent-teacher messaging

Electronic Daily Reports including details about meals, rest, diapering, curriculum activities, and daily photos/videos 

Curriculum, Developmental, and Socio-Emotional Assessments


All tuition payments are by check payable to Rutgers Child Development Center and can be placed in each program's mailbox located near the main entrance.


Our program participates in most NJ childcare subsidy programs. Subsidy payments are applied to the monthly tuition charges and if the parents/guardians are responsible for the remaining balance.