Rutgers Student Parents

Our program seeks to support Rutgers students who are parents of young children. Balancing location, cost, quality and just feeling good about your child care provider can make this important decision challenging for any parent and balancing parenting and academics is especially challenging.

New Jersey's Child Care Assistance Program under the Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development can provide you with valuable information to help you. The state's child care program can support you with information about applying for child care assistance and subsidies, where to find child care, licensing, and to learn about what makes a quality childcare program. Our program participates in most child care subsidy programs and qualifying parents often have little or no co-pays.

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NJHelps and the Department of Human Services - Division of Family Development can help to see if you are eligible for food assistance (SNAP), cash assistance (WFNJ/TANF or WFNJ/GA), and health Insurance (NJ FamilyCare/Medicaid) for you and your child(ren). Per the Department of Human Services, college students may be eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) if the college student is between the ages of 18 to 49 and enrolled at least half-time in a college, university, community college, or business, technical, trade, or vocational school that requires a high school diploma may qualify.

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Rutgers Residence Life offers eligible college students with the opportunity to live on-campus in Family Housing within established communities of other Rutgers student parents. Family housing locations are located close to many university facilities and families living on campus have designated Residence Life staff support as well as 24-hour crisis response coverage. Residents in family housing enjoy easy access to the free Rutgers bus system and in many instances, on-campus family housing may be the most affordable and convenient option as the rent covers all utilities, including electricity, garbage, sewer, hot and cold water, heat, cable television, air-cooling (in buildings that are air cooling equipped) and high-speed internet. Visit Family Housing to learn about the benefits of living on-campus with your family, eligibility, costs, and how to apply.

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